Emergency Camping USB Phone Charger

Brand: eprolo

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Imagine getting lost in the woods and your phone dies. Maybe you live in an area prone to natural disasters such as a hurricane? You could have a backup battery but those are heavy and prone to fail over time along with other problems and have a limit to their usage time. This survival tool is perfect for safety and peace of mind, knowing that you always have a form of power. Pair this with a solar option and you are good to go. It's a fairly inexpensive solution to USB power in the woods or while camping. It is even great on the beach or when you need power at night when there is no sun for your solar panel. This is a must-have item for every camper out there and anyone concerned about needing their phone in an emergency situation too. Plus it's a fun way to charge your phone when you're just sitting around the campfire telling stories. It's like your own fidget spinner in a way. Keep one of these devices in your car as well, at ALL TIMES! It may save your life one day!

Maximum Output Voltage: DC 5.5V

Maximum Output Current: 600mA

Interface type: USB

Size: 2.4 * 1.9 * 1.2in (L * W * H)

Output: DC 5 V

Certification: CCC