Growing Our Store

Posted by David Simms on

Even though Eaglesong has been around since 2005, we have spent nearly all of our time Outdoors. Why? Well, Outdoor Recreation and Outdoor Sports are kind of our thing. So, when we decided to start our own online store, we had to make a lot of decisions. One of which is how we are going to drive traffic to the store... We have a Facebook and Instagram of course but that doesn't increase sales really. That is just a thank you to the community. Facebook Ads are expensive, but fine if they are a hit. You have to do a lot of testing and lose a lot of money in the process.

In our search for something perfect, we stumbled upon something fantastic. Targeted traffic that a new online store can afford with low risk. Just a side note, we are in no way affiliated with this company, but we are planning on using them a long time as long as the traffic continues to be good. We will be providing updates as we grow. Companies like this know that if they can provide good targeted traffic that produces good results, well then you will continue to buy their traffic or advertise with them because you're making a good ROI and in business the ROI or Return on Investment is everything. The company I'm talking about is 

This company offers traffic at much lower rates than anywhere else because you're buying it from them at wholesale prices. Go check them out for yourself!

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